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Maypole’s a Winner! – Vodaphone’s World of Difference Competition.

Maypole have had some exciting news recently. We’ve been selected as one of 500 winners of Vodaphone’s ‘World of Difference program.’ The website describes it as:

The World of Difference UK programme gives 500 people the chance to work for a UK-based charity of their choice for two months, and get paid for their time.

This year’s winners started their placements in March, and are donating themselves to charities all over the UK. They are lending their considerable expertise to diverse causes like children and young people, the environment, animal welfare, poverty relief, health and the arts.

Maypole was registered as a charity last April, and although that has made a notable difference to how easily we are accepted, limited resources have still been a problem. However, now one of the co-founders is being paid by Vodaphone (and you can read her blog here), more time and effort can be put into Maypole – and hopefully, we can really help women who most need help.

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